5 Things To Do In Maldives With Friends On A Budget

Maldives a piece of heaven in the world is not inaccurate if we say.  If you have a plan to hang out with friends in Maldives and don’t know what things to do in Maldives with friends on a budget. Maldives a breathtaking, white and golden sand beaches, blue water, and undersea restaurants.

These are some of the activities to do in Maldives.  The Maldives pulls countless tourists towards itself. The Maldives offers many worthy sightseeing and entertainment places. If you are ready to relish Maldives tourism.

Years back Maldives was considered the tourist destination for new married couples. Now Maldives tourism is versatile. Any walk of life tourists can come to the Maldives and spent relaxed free vacations.

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Maldives is isle (including more of the capital isles). The capital of Maldives is male and it is the smallest capital in the world. History buffs will be satisfied here, as Male is home to several historically significant structures and monuments. The international airport in Male is connected to Male via ferry boats. Due to great ferry and seaplane connectivity, travel to other islands in the Maldives is also possible from Male, however it is extremely expensive.

This paradise on earth is suitable for any sort of traveler. If you’re now convinced about the Maldives tour then read this and come to know Things to do in Maldives with Friends.

Scuba Diving In Maldives

Scuba Diving:

The Maldives is one of the perfect destinations for scuba diving, Scuba diving is a skill if you are visiting Maldives with your friends and you haven’t done it. Sorry, your tour is incomplete. Scuba Diving is such an incredible activity. You can explore an entirely different world beneath the sea.

If you are a certified diver then you can dive deeply and discover the ultimate creature of God. If you are with your friends and all are certified. You can go in and group and find out about many interesting activities under the sea.

You can drill down and discover God’s ideal creation if you are a certified diver. If you’re with a group of friends that are all skilled. You can go there with a group and explore a variety of exciting underwater activities.

But If you are not a Certified Diver, No worries. The Maldives also offers you Scuba Diving Fun.  The Maldives has many Professional Associations Of Diving Instructture. You can go there and dive 10 feet deep and explore the creature.

 Maldives has been endowed with a lot of marine life by God.  There are a lot of reasons for Maldives tourism marine life is one of the strong reasons.

Best Weather for Scuba Dive in Maldives:

Maldives weather is almost pleasant throughout the year. Water temperature is between 80 to 86 degrees throughout the year. Best time to visit Maldives for scuba diving is between August to November, because in these months the weather is very clear. You can explore sea creatures easily in these months.  December is the worst month for Scuba Diving

Top Scuba Diving Sites In Maldives:

Picnicadvisor is going to give a list of best scuba diving sites in the Maldives that you can find and explore.

  • Maaya Thila
  • Cocoa Thila
  • Alimatha Jetty
  • Kandooma Thila
  • Banana Reef
  • Fish Head
  • Hammerhead Point
  • Bathala Thila
  • Manta Point
  • Kuda Giri Wreck
  • Rainbow Reef
  • Hanifaru Bay
  • Fotteyo Kandu
  • The Victory Wreck
  • Vadhoo Caves
  • Sun Island
  • Kuredu Express
  • Fuvahmulah Atoll
  • Embudhoo Kandu
  • Fesdhoo Lagoon
  • Nassimo Thila
  • Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo
  • Maamigili Beru Reef
  • Fuvahmulah
  • Miyaru Kandu
  • Embuddhoo Express
  • HP Reef aka Rainbow Reef

Water Sports Activities in Maldives:

Maldives Water Sports Festivals


It should be your 2nd option. If you’re not a fan of Scuba Diving. In Scuba Dive you take a deep dive while in Snorkeling you just swim across the sea wearing a mask. You can enjoy water sports in the Maldives with your friends. If we say that the Maldives is complete with water. There is only 1% is land and 99% ocean. If you are convinced about Maldives Tour,  Snorkeling is one of the best activities to do in the Maldives with friends.

In Snokeling you do not take a deep dive, you can jump into the water with a mask. Maldives is best for snorkeling when you jump! You explore hundreds of turtles, sharks, banana reefs, and fishes.

There are many water sports you can do in Maldives Ocean, I share some of them with you.


Parasailing is an adventure activity to do in Maldives with your friends or even with your spouse. It’s a really adventurous but also romantic activity. In Parasailing you can take flight using motor parashot and explore the blue lovely romantic ocean with your partner.

banana boat ride maldives

Banana Boat Ride:

We call it a banana boat because it looks like a banana when you see it. This boat can accommodate a maximum of 6 persons at a time. The ride is safe because you are totally protected by life jackets. Banana Boat cost 20$.

spa massage maldives

Spa Treatment in Maldives:

Enjoying the spa is a relaxing moment during your tour. When we talk about giving time to ourselves, Spa comes to our mind. We all want to restore ourselves. Spa is not only for releasing mental stress and relaxation. Spa maintains your muscles, maintain your body and the blood circulation in your body.

When you are amusing yourself with spa, pampering your skin in the serene view. You all stress, and fatigue will be gone. Isn’t it true that taking care of oneself is the best thing you can do? I share the

List Of Top 5 Spa In Maldives:

  • Devarana Spa Maldives
  • The Over Water Spa
  • Veli Spa
  • Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa Maldives
  • Merana Spa

maldives photography packages

Photo Session:

If you visit any destination with your friends or do not click photos your tour is not completed.  Maldives Tour without Photos How is it possible?  You should enrich your social media profiles with stunning images of yours. As we are discussing activities to in Maldives with friends on budget, so to compress your budget and take High-Quality Camera in your luggage. If you don’t have a camera. No issue there are many professional photographers in Maldives. You can hire them on an hourly or daily basis at a cheap price. You can also earn money if you have a Good Quality Camera. If you don’t know how? How to earn money while traveling?

maldives food cost


Maldives Food is another very amusing feature of the Maldives tour. It’s very common that whenever you visit any country your first attempt is to enjoy with food. Same in the Maldives you can eat delicious seafood. Maldives cuisine is very delicious. If you are with your friends you need to do breakfast at your hotel and make a plan for whole the day. Breakfast Done! Move towards the destination. Enjoy Lunch at your destination. You should take dinner at the best Maldives Cuisines . While Dinner you can plan with your friends for the next day trip. These are some interesting activities to do in Maldives with your friends.

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