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Complete Guide: 6 Best Places To Visit In Murree

Murree is a beautiful hill station in Pakistan, Murree is the first destination of any tourist when he to enjoy is budget. Murree called the queen of mountains in Pakistan. I would like to introduce this common word that is used in the local language “Malika-e-Kohisar”. Murree is the more visiting place in Pakistan, It is located in the province of Punjab.  Go through these best places to visit in Murree in this guide. The distance from Islamabad to Murree is 64 km, almost a 1 hour 30 minutes drive. The height of Murree is 2291 m.

Murree is filled with lush mountains, when you travel on road you feel that mountains are coming towards you to hug you. Oh WoW! Then you would love to visit it Right? If you want to play with snowy cheeks, snow, You want to make a snow doll, Picnic Advisor you visit Murree between January to February.

Honeymoon Destination

In the last years, Murree became famous among Pakistani tourists and newly married couples. Murree is famous for honeymoon tourism because newly married couples love to enjoy themselves there, and the Murree tour is very economical rather than in northern areas in Pakistan. Murree tourism The residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi can spend their weekends in green lush mountains Because it only takes 30 minutes to reach Murree.

In the summer, you can explore the lovely, eyelashes-green trees that line the roadways in Murree. Traveling in the winter allows you to delight yourself with the white cheeks.

The Temperature Of Murree:

For convenience, We share the weather conditions of Murree around the year

Jan6° / -3°
Feb6° / -1°
March12° / 4°
April16° / 8°
March20° / 11°
May22° / 14°
June20° / 14°
July20° / 14°
Aug20° / 14°
Sep19° / 12°
Oct17° / 8°
Nov13° / 4°
Dec9° / 0°

Best Tourist Places To Visit In Murree Pakistan:

Great landscapes, Margalla Hills, curved roads, and its geographical position makes Murree the most popular tourist destination in Pakistan.

Murree Mall Road Tour

Mall Road:

If we say that mall road is the main attraction of Murree tourism, then it is not wrong, Murree mall road is a long road with a market place, food streets. That pulls tourists towards itself. Murree Mall road is famous for its handmade products. There are many shops for shoes, handmade products, clothes, and pots. These are all the attractions of Murree mall road, Murree General Post office is also an attraction for tourists. There are many luxurious rest houses and rooms for tourists.

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Kashmir Point Murree:

Lovely Kashmir point is also the main attraction of Murree tourism.  Kashmir point is a pretty viewpoint in Murree, You can view the beautiful mountains of Kashmir at this point. It is the highest point in Murree and it is located at mall road Murree. When you book a Murree tour package from Lahore. Kashmir Point is at the top of the wish bucket to visit.

Kashmir Point is 1 km away from the GPO Mall Road. The intersecting Fact is that there are two ways to go to this destination. Both the road is utter with beautiful sceneries. So It is recommended to go from 1 road returned from the second road .so you can enjoy both sides.

Kashmir Point Murree

Activities In Kashmir Point Murree:

You can enjoy hiking here, always keep warm clothes in your bag because sometimes the weather is cool here, There are also tea stalls, You can buy coffee or tea and take sips on beautiful mountains.

Nathia Gali:

Nathia Gali is located in the Abbottabad region, It is a beautiful hill station. It is situated in the center of the Galyat Region. Nathia Gali remains open throughout the year. If you are planning one day tour then Nathia Gali is the best tourist destination. It is almost 30 Km Far from the Abbottabad, You can reach there in 30 km driving.

nathia gali tourist attraction

Places To Visit In Nathia Gali:

Harnoi Beach: It is the most beautiful destination, It is surrounded by the Hindu Kush Mountains. The weather at Harnoi is 27 Degree. It is the gateway to Galyat Region. Harnoi Town is situated in the center of two rivers name Harnoi and Barengali. If you have no more time and you want to spend a day in pleasant weather then this spot is the best place. You can do horse riding, You can put your legs in this cold water and enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

Children Park:

Children Park Nathia Gali is also one of the top places to visit in Murree. It is some km uphead from the Nathia Gali Market. This park is famous because of Church. This park has many attractions for kids, You can enjoy horse riding. If you visit this place in winter, It is fully covered with snow,  Best time to visit Nathia Gali Children Park is April to September.


Bhurban attraction

Bhurban is the hill station in Murree, It is almost 15 km away from Murree. It is famous for animals and flowers, you can not explore these creatures anywhere in Pakistan. If you want to spend time in the fresh air, greenery, chirping of birds, the roaring of animals. If your answer is Yes! Then Bhurban place is for you. There are many guest houses in Murree Bhurban but the best hotel in Murree Bhurban is PC Bhurban. This hotel has almost 190 guest rooms. Oh, I forgot Former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi (From Pakistan Muslim League N) belongs to Bhurban.

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There are many hill stations in Murree, Ayubia is one of them. Ayubia is located in Abbottabad District. This station is spread over almost 33 kilometers. Ayubia height is 2410 m. Ayubia is famous for Ayubia National Park. It is managed by Wildlife Department. This park is spread over 857 acres, Ayubia National Park is established in 1984 and the idea behind this is to protect forests in Pakistan. There are almost 100+ types of plants, which were never found anywhere in Pakistan.

Activities in Ayubia Murree Pakistan:

Activities to do in Ayubia

If you visit Ayubia, then Ayubia Chairlift must be on your bucket list to visit. Many says that is not fully secure, but you can enjoy the chairlift with your friends, family, and spouse.  The chairlift is 800 feet from sea level. Ayubia Chairlift ride is almost 7 kilometers in 850 rupees Per Head.

If you are a plant or animal lover then Ayubia National Park is for you. There can many animals you can entertain yourself with these animals and plants. Ayubia National park also stuff kids’ entertainment. Ayubia food Point is also very famous, you can enjoy a meal in the green lush valley.

Things To Keep While Visit Murree:

  • Warm Clothes
  • Camera
  • Hiking Stick
  • Joggers
  • Packed Foods
  • Power Bank

Final Words:

Murree is full of tourist spots for both weather summer and winter. Picnic Advisor suggest you visit Murree in winter. You can enjoy Heavy Snowfall and save your memorable days with your camera.


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