The 9 Best Things To Do In Venice At Night

Venice city is the capital of the Venteno region. Venice is not only a travel treasure for Italy also a hot travel destination in Europe. Looking for an unforgettable tour in Venice City and don’t know about the best things to do in Venice at night? Venice city is the best loving and romantic destination in the world.  This beautiful city is located on 100 Island and the interesting about that is that is connected by 400 bridges.  

According to Europe For Visitors, 15,132 tourists visit Venice city daily. The beauty of this city got doubled at the night, Would you like to experience the lovely weather, full moon, romantic night, golden lights like twinkling lights, or ride on boats at the night? These are cool things to do in Venice City.

It’s really the desire of every tourist to visit Venice city. Would you think how amazing it is to visit Venice City at night? There is a lot of tourist throughout the day full of rush. But at night when the road becomes vacant. no noise at all, the sound of water, and pleasant weather. I hope you will love the magical night.

Interesting Facts About Venice City:

  • There Are No Roads In This City So There Is No Car.
  • Venice City Consists Of 100 Islands All Connected By 400 Bridges.
  • Many Locals Earn Ferryman.
  • Venice Is Famous For Glass Handicrafts.
  • Marco Polo Belongs To Venice City.
  • Venice Famous Market The Rialto Market Is 100 Years Old.
  • Almost 400 Rafts On The Canals

Venice city is really a beautiful city. There are many historical places and handicraft shops. Venice City has everything for every tourist. Welcome to the city of canals! As I said at night time Venice is empty. But there are many things to do in Venice Italy at night.

Enjoy The Moonlit Gandola Ride At Night

Gandola Ride In Venice City

Gandola ride is the main source of transportation in Venice city.  Venice city tour without enjoying the fantastic gondola ride is waste-less. The personal boat ride is the best way to explore Venice beauty even after sunset. These rides take to you to the world of romance with your lover. Go to the world or romance with your love in the sunset and feel the lovely environment in the empty city.

If you want to Gandola ride in the morning you can book the ride at 80 Euros. Experience the ride after sunset for 100 Euros.

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Enjoy the Evening On Rialto Bridge:

There are 4 ancient bridges in Venice Italy, Rialto bridge is one of them. Rialto bridge is made up of three sets of stairs. On the first set of stairs, there are many stores, you can buy things while passing the Grand Canal. These things are quite expensive compared to other places. Because the vendors are already paying a high cost in terms of rent.

This bridge was built in 1173, Now this bridge became the main tourist attraction in Venice City. The important point about this Venice attraction is that if you are anywhere in Venice. You can reach this bridge because it is the heart bridge of Venice city.

Historical Churches, Important buildings all are around this bridge. No one appreciates your Venice tour if you haven’t explored it.  Walk along this bridge at night it will give you magical essence. Walking along the Rialto bridge should be on the 2nd during your Venice City Tour.

Enjoy At Clubs:

Venice City ranks at the top of world tourism. Venice City tourism is not like other countries. There are very less things at the night. Enjoy in Clubs is the best thing to do in Venice at night.  There are very few clubs in Venice city and they are not allowed to play music all night.  Venice Jazz, Molocinque, Bacaro Jazz, and the beast club are the top clubs in Venice. Different clubs hold tourists according to their capacity.

Bars and clubs in Venice city are restricted to close their activities before 11:00 PM so you should be on time.  If you want to enjoy Venice City nighttime tourism. If you want to enjoy more in the night. Picnic Advisor will suggest you spend time in Molocinque Club. Because it is outside the prohibited area. It has also outdoor and indoor are. So you can enjoy it a lot Venice Tourism.

Live Music Shows:

 Music Show In Venice City

Another attraction! Live Musical Concerts. There are many clubs and bars in Venice City. You can enjoy live music, dance, and drinks there. It seems that the nightlife of Venice city is very quiet and it’s for very few hours. Venice Locals enjoy the concerts every night because they know where to attend. These shows are on small scale So no Publicity. You can amuse yourself with live shows in any of the clubs and bars. But please be on time because timing is from 7 pm to before midnight.

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Walk Around the City:

Walking around any city is an awesome activity. Walk in Venice City is one of the best the activity to do at night. It seems very straightforward. But rest assured it’s the best activity to enjoy country tourism. No noise, deserted city, only you on the road at the night. It really makes the best memory of your travel history.

Casinò di Venezia Casino:

The casino is also the main attraction of Venice City. Casinò di Venezia is the oldest casino in Venice city. It was established1638 but gradually as the city’s Tourism got a boost. Casinò di Venezia also makes significance in tourism industry. The Admission card fee for this Casino is 10 €. If you want to play games in this Casino you should obey the dress code. Males and females should wear casual dress. Beach clothes or underwear are not allowed. You can only go to Casino if you are 18.. There are different types of games like a wide range of table games, card games, and interesting games.

Libreria Acqua Alta Venice City

Are you a true Book Lover? If yes. This place is for you. If you don’t know what Libreria Acqua Alta is? It’s the oldest bookshop in Venice. Libreria Acqua Alta is full with Venice History. There are thousands of old and new books, gondolas, beautiful cats, and many interesting miniatures.

Liberia Acqua Alta is located in Castello District. There is no entrance fee. Picnic Advisor suggests you visit this shop in Summer weather, not on the weekend.  On weekends it busy place to visit. Bookstore time is from 9:00 Am to 7:45 Pm. So keep in mind this time before planning to visit this unique bookstore in Venice City.

Redentore Festival

Redentore Festival Celebrations

Exploring Cultural Festivals of any country gives you chance to spent time with locals. Enjoying the Redentore festival is one of the best Things To Do In Venice At Night. It is held on the third Sunday of July. This festival is the Venice City seasonal festival. In 2023 it’s held on 22 July 2023. This day is celebrated as a day of rejoicing because the plague ended on that day. Firework around the city is an important festivity on this day.

How To Celebrate Redentore?

On this day, the celebration starts early in the morning. A temporary bridge is built. Tourists or local people with the help of this bridge. The earliest churches go to church and pray for their loved ones who are no longer in this world. Celebrations continue throughout the city from the next morning (Monday).


If you are a food lover, you should make proper research to find the best restaurant in Venice City. Has your restaurant been selected? Now please reserve a seat for you Immediately. There are many restaurants and tremendous number of tourists. It is better to reserve seats for any un convivence.

Final Words:

Venice City has many attractions, We figure out some best things to do in Venice. Are you ready to explore Venice? Pack your bags and let’s make a lovely trip.  We recommends you visit from April to June. It is the best time to Visit Venice City due of the weather. It’s the summer season and the temperature is between 30 to 35 degrees. If you want to travel within the budget you should make a trip between November to February. To get more updates about the best tourist destination visit our website.

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