15 Crazy Things To Do In Las Vegas For Couples in 2023

Given that Las Vegas is known as the “City of Lights,” it’s no surprise that there are many romantic things to do there. At night, Las Vegas’s flashy casinos have a surreal feel, and the city is full of places that could be used for a romantic date, as we’ve discussed 15 crazy things to do in Las Vegas for couples in this article. 

Plus, if you visit during the day, you can take advantage of the opportunity to visit one of the nearby natural attractions and spend some quality time with your loved one in a beautiful setting. On the other hand, if you’d rather stay on the Strip, you will have romantic things to do in Las Vegas.

This area has everything you need for a great date night, from romantic restaurants and observation decks to quiet gondola rides and relaxing spas. You may have a quiet, relaxing day or a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Las Vegas. Let’s find out about crazy activities to do in Las Vegas for couples. 

Gondola Ride with Your Spouse

Among the many romantic activities in Vegas for couples, a gondola ride at The Venetian is not to be missed. The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas was made to look and feel like the Italian city of Venice. During a gondola ride through the canals, it’s easy to forget that you’re in Sin City. 

Even though a gondola ride can fit up to four people, we recommend booking a private gondola for two and ordering a serenade for the most intimate experience. Enjoying this together is the ideal way to spend a romantic evening or an afternoon sightseeing.

 Cuddle At Live Show

Cuddle Together At a Live Show

One of the favorite Las Vegas experiences for couples is getting dressed up to see a show, which is like an upgraded version of going to the movies. Enjoying a show is one of the best date ideas exclusive to Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, whether you’re looking for something sultry and steamy for a night out with a budding affair or a light and hilarious comedy to celebrate your soulmate.

Take A Romantic Selfie In Front Of The Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

As a memento of your time in the City of Lights, be sure to snap a photo of yourself in front of the Fabulous Las Vegas sign. Going to the Las Vegas Strip with your significant other is a great way to spend time there.  

Visit the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign as a couple before venturing out onto the Strip. The 25-foot-tall sign has been a staple of Las Vegas for over 60 years. In addition to being among the free Las Vegas attractions for couples very good, this historical remnant is also one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks.

It’s hard to find a more recognizable sign in the United States than the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. It’s the beginning of the neon signs and attractions that characterize the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip. This must be in Las Vegas for couples to do list. If you want to impress your Insta fam with romantic couple selfies, this is the right place. 

Enjoy At A Day Spa, Spent Romantic Moments With a Couple In Las Vegas

Getting a couple’s massage in Las Vegas is a great way to spend quality time together while sharing an intimate experience. Think about the perfect romantic evening: indulging in a long massage together before snuggling up for the night. Absolutely nothing could be better than this idea. 

A couple’s massage in Las Vegas is the pinnacle of romantic self-care for two people who already share a special bond. Even if your hotel room doesn’t have a built-in massage area, you can still book an in-room massage with a local company or visit a spa at a nearby resort. Well, this is one of the favorite activities for the couple in Vegas.

 grand canyon helicopter view

Amazing Helicopter Tour over the Grand Canyon

Take in breathtaking vistas of the famous canyon and its desert surroundings. Spending money on a helicopter ride from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is well spent because of the breathtaking views of the canyon and its surroundings. Morning is best for viewing this natural marvel, so that is when the tour usually takes place. You won’t just get a bird’s-eye view of the Grand Canyon but also of the Hoover Dam, the Mojave Desert, Lake Mead, and the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

The opportunity to take a helicopter ride is rare, especially when there is beautiful scenery to be seen from above. From above, the view of the Las Vegas Strip is gorgeous, but the city is also surrounded by a stunning natural landscape that is best seen from above. So, this is undoubtedly one of the a

Companies such as Maverick Helicopters, 5-Star Las Vegas Helicopter Tours, and Skyline Helicopter Tours offer scenic helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon and the Las Vegas Strip, perfect for a couple’s outing. If you and your significant other are looking for a thrilling experience that you can share, this is it.

 couple in hot air balloon

Take An Epic Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Las Vegas

Do you feel you can fly with that one person? Why not go on a hot air balloon ride together over the beautiful Las Vegas landscape?

A ride in a hot air balloon is one of the most romantic things must do in Las Vegas for couples. You will soar thousands of feet in the air on this hot air balloon tour, giving you a breathtaking vantage point over the desert below. The launch site for the balloon is in the Pahrump Valley, about an hour outside of Las Vegas, but hotel pickup is available in the city.

Located on the Nevada side of the California border, the Pahrump Valley provides breathtaking views of the Mojave Desert. After your hour-long flight, you can raise a glass of champagne in celebration. It’s one of the most romantic activities in Vegas for couples to do, and it’s perfect for an anniversary.

You should set aside a good chunk of your afternoon for this. Those who are nursing wounds or dealing with physical restrictions should probably skip the hot air balloon ride altogether, as the landing can be quite rough. 

 Food Cruise

Romantic Dinner Cruise

Sunset Dinner Cruises on Lake Mead are a great option for couples looking for a romantic activity to do in Las Vegas. You and your loved one can savor a tasty meal while gazing at the beautiful sunset. Enjoy a romantic evening out on the water while dancing the night away or gazing at the stars with your special someone by taking a cruise in Las Vegas. Enjoy a delectable meal as you take in the breathtaking scenery as you cruise around the lake. It’s a great way to unwind and spend quality time together.

 Strenuous Hike and Work up a Sweat

Go on a Strenuous Hike and Work Up a Sweat 

No, we are not referring to a hike along the Las Vegas Strip, although on a hot summer day, that might be a good way to burn some calories. Las Vegas is surrounded by stunning natural scenery. 

There are guided hikes to the Grand Canyon, Death Valley National Park, Red Rock Canyon, and Lake Mead, all departing from the Las Vegas Strip. Depending on the duration of the excursion, some Las Vegas tour operators will even provide lunch. There are trails for hikers of all fitness levels, and the opportunity to see some of the world’s most renowned historical and natural landmarks is not to be missed. 

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 Enjoy the Nightlife of Fremont Street

Enjoy the Nightlife of Fremont Street

One of the most well-known parts of Las Vegas is Fremont Street. Downtown Las Vegas is home to numerous shows, eateries, stores, and attractions like the SlotZilla Zip Line, all of which can keep you busy for a good portion of the day. This is a great place to hang out if you and your significant other are trying to save money on your Vegas getaway.  

Every hour during the evening, the Street Mall hosts the Viva Vision Light Show and free musical performances. The Viva Vision Light show uses the world’s largest video screen, which is 90 feet above Fremont St.

Enjoy a Food Tour

Sharing a meal with a loved one elevates the experience to a more joyful, exciting, and sensual level. You can find a food tour in Las Vegas that caters to your tastes in cuisine and food fads. If you’re a food lover, this part will be your favorite in our list of 15 things to do in Las Vegas for couples

Experience the delights of a downtown Las Vegas food tour or a Strip-focused one. During your two or three-hour Las Vegas food tour, you will visit some different restaurants, each of which will serve you a different course. Take a break from the serious conversation and share some snacks with your sweetie while you tickle your taste buds.

 Rooftop Bar for a Drink

Go to a Rooftop Bar for a Drink

Couples visiting Las Vegas won’t have trouble finding a bar or lounge to enjoy a drink at. Options range from ultra-chic to outrageously wild. If you spend enough time in nightclubs or bars, you might start to feel like a seasoned pro. One of the rooftop bars is the ideal place to relax with a drink (or two), take in the fresh air, and get a bird’s-eye view of Las Vegas if you’re looking for a change of pace from the usual cocktail scene. 

A Toast to the High Roller

As one of the world’s tallest wheels, the High Roller stands at a staggering 1,149 feet. The LINQ’s rotation lifts you up to an altitude of 550 feet, or nearly the width of Las Vegas Boulevard. Even though the breathtaking views of the city and Las Vegas landmarks from above are enjoyable together at any time, the High Roller Happy Hour takes the experience to a whole new level. 

High Roller Happy Half Hour Anytime tickets give riders 30 minutes in a cabin on the wheel. Spend some quality time together 550 feet above the Las Vegas Strip while sipping your favorite cocktails, making toasts, and maybe even sneaking a kiss or two.

Spend the Evening Gazing at Stunning Scenery

The miles upon miles of flashing, multicolored lights that make up the Las Vegas Strip are one of the city’s most recognizable features, and there’s no better way to take in these sights than with the person you love. One of the most traditionally romantic things to do in Las Vegas is to go to the very top of the Eiffel Tower and take in the breathtaking panorama. This is definitely among the best Las Vegas experiences for couples.

 Couple Having Fun by the Swimming Pool

Having Fun by the Swimming Pool 

The Strip is the best place to maximize your fun in the sun. We also recommend spending the day at one of the city’s many lavish pools with your date. An alternate spin on this summertime tradition for couples is to go shopping for swimwear together. Afterward, you can unwind with a drink in one of our chic day clubs while showing off your newfound muscle tone. Then, head over to one of our swanky day clubs to show off your buff physiques and sip on a refreshing drink. This is a fresh and exciting way to spend your summer holiday with your special someone. 

 Couple Enjoying the Bellagio Fountains

Relax While Watching the Bellagio Fountains

If you were to poll any hopeless romantic about the best activities must do in Vegas for couples good, the Fountains of Bellagio would undoubtedly come out on top. One of the most recognizable sights in all of Las Vegas, the Bellagio Fountains are also a treat for the eyes. The Bellagio serves as a magnificent backdrop for the majesty of the fountains, which soar over 460 feet into the air. 

The fountains are at their most breathtaking during evening performances that feature lights and music from about 5:00 p.m. until midnight. A great, low-key way to spend time in Las Vegas is to simply sit and watch the fountains together. Adding a touch of romance to your Las Vegas vacation is as easy as booking a room or table at a restaurant with a view of the Bellagio Fountains—and it won’t cost you a dime! 

Bottom Line

For a romantic getaway, there’s no place better than Las Vegas. Don’t miss out on some of the most romantic activities in Las Vegas by failing to take advantage of them the next time you’re in town with your significant other. Experience Las Vegas together and give in to your desires. Must add these 15 crazy things to do in Las Vegas for couples to your list, it’ll add more romance to your tour. 

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