Dubai Became The Most Famous Destination In The World

Dubai Became The Most Famous Destination In The World

Dubai is the most visiting place in the world. Dubai Is a well-emerging economy with great opportunities for tourism. According to the Tik Tok Travel Index 2020, Dubai Became the most famous destination in the world on social media. The video of Dubai got more views. Almost 81.8 billion users use Dubai Hashtags while posting videos

New York was in this position according to the last report. But Now Dubai has got this rank, Dubai works very hard to get this rank. Dubai attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

Dubai is the home of modern architecture. Millions of tourists want to explore beaches, Burj Khalifa, and other marvelous landmarks In Dubai. City of Dubai Abu Dhabi got 22nd rank with 8.6 billion views on Tik Tok.

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According to the report, almost 7.28 million tourists visit the United Arab Emirates, but the shock is that there is a big boom in Dubai tourists, and this year’s 6.17 million tourists visit only in the First 6 months of the year. This 32% increase in Dubai Tourism is also significant for Its Tourism.

After the Control Situation of Covid-19, Tourism has improved now. With this improvement, Dubai has got the highest foreign investment and got 6.4 billion Investment. More than 30 projects have started and almost 5K Jobs opportunities create.

Views on Tik Tok According to Bounce Study Report:

New York got 2nd rank with 59.5 billion views while London beat Istanbul with 36.8 billion views, other cities ranks are also given below:

New York59.5 billion
London36.8 billion
Istanbul 34 billion
Paris 33 billion
Miami 24.6 billion
Los Angeles20.8 billion
Chicago 17.9 billion
Toronto 17.1 billion
Madrid 16 billion

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