How Does Spain Celebrate Day Of The Dead

Culture is the rituals, social behavior, and way of living followed by a particular society. Every country has its own ritual, even every city has many cultural activities. Spain is a multicultural country. Day of the dead is one of the interesting cultural festivals. If you want to know how does Spain celebrate day of the dead.

Why Spanish Festivals Day Of The Dead Is Celebrate:

The day of the dead is a purely traditional festival in Spain and is celebrated every year. Every religion honors the person who has died. Same as Catholics, They respect their deceased person and celebrate the day of the dead.

 The Festival in Spain starts on 1 November. They believe that all the souls have been sent to heaven. On 2 November day of the dead is celebrated because they miss their loved ones who passed away. In Conclusion, This Festivals start on 1 November and ends on 2nd November

Day of the dead is similar to the Halloween Festivals. Halloween is very famous in the western world. But in Spain, its name is a day of the dead. Halloween festival starts from the evaluation of the infidel religion. The origin of this festival in Mexico.

How Does Spain Celebrate The Day Of Death?

As we discussed earlier, this Is a purely religious festival and it celebrates in the USA, Mexico, Spain, and other countries. If you are enjoying Spain Tourism. You can explore different traditions and cultures in Spain.

On this day people wear costumes of saints, and souls and feel that they are with their loved one who is in heaven. The city is fill with music parties, dance stag, and bonfires.

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It is believe that the border between the souls and the world vanishes. Their souls awake again and for a limited time, they can enjoy wine, and music and dance with their world loved ones. They believe that their souls come to the living world for a short period of time. So they cook their soul’s favorite food in honor of their souls and offer it on their graves or on the offering.

The most common and important thing on this day is a skull and the skeleton. If you are thinking why because people wear skull masks this day. The pan de muerto, the typical sweet bake good of Day of the Dead celebrations today, is modeled from the pan de ánimas of All Souls Day traditions in Spain.

What People Do Before This Day:

  • Many families visit graveyards,  clean the graves of their beloveds, and decorate them with fresh flowers
  • They distribute delicious sweets.
  • Street stages are set up around the country and anyone can perform on these stages. Especially set up to show the work of Zorilla.


As we only discuss only one cultural festival of Spain and if you understand how does Spain celebrate day of the dead and you want to explore this festival in Spain. You should plan your tour immediately because festivals start from the start of November. Keep connected with Picnic Advisor and get the latest and interesting information.

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