How To Get The Citizenship Of USA

The procedure of becoming a citizen of the United States of America is rather extensive. If you are unfamiliar with How To Get Citizenship Of USA, then there is no need to wait any longer. The United States of America is the most powerful county in Pakistan not only financially but not tourism, education even in every aspect of life, Every person wants to get citizenship of USA  but doesn’t know USA Immigration Requirements. No worries, Here you will find out how to get citizenship of USA.

Many Pakistanis visit the USA for tourism and also for earning their livelihood and if they want to get USA Legal Citizenship, They can also get Citizenship including employment and family sponsorship. Almost 554202 Pakistani has permanent residents in the USA.

USA Immigration Process:

Birth Process

Many people ask is it hard to get American citizenship? I briefly describe the USA Citizenship process. It will much helpful for you. You can get USA Citizenship if you are born in the USA, People born in the USA automatically got permanent residency,  You can get USA Citizenship if your parent is USA Citizen and you are under 18. You need to apply with CRBA before the 18th birthday of a child to the US Mission of Pakistan with your parents.. Ans the fee for this process is 235$.


You can get USA citizenship if you live with your parents and they are us citizens, and if you are not born in the USA,  If you are not born in the USA and your parent is USA citizens you can apply for Citizenship if you fulfill these rules before the 18th birthday,

  • Your biological parent must be, a resident.
  • If not Then your 1 parent must be a USA citizen

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If you want to know how to get citizenship of USA with the Naturalization USA Immigration process, anyone from the world can get citizenship voluntarily. For this, you must be eligible for these:

  • You must be 18 years old before applying
  • You must be e green card holder for 3 to 5 years
  • You must quality of USA protection
  • You must understand English both in writing and reading
  • Understand USA Laws and history
  • You must be honor character
  • Fill out N-4000 Form

There are some additional requirements for the naturalization process given below:

  • You must willing  to serve in US Military when Govt Demand
  • You are not allowed to visit the other country during this process almost 6 months you must stay in the USA
  • You must pass English and civics tests for this process.
  • You must register yourself with a selective service system.

Details About Test For Immigration:

As we discuss, you must pass English and civics tests for immigration, But here the question arises in mind that’s what’s included in these tests,

English Test:

In the English test applicant must have knowledge of English reading, writing, and of course listening and this test is being conducted during your immigration interview. If you cant pass this test, the officer has the right to reject your application.

Civics Test:

This test is also conduct during the naturalization process and in this test. You will be ask 10 questions about the US government and history.

Some Cases of Naturalization:

  • According to USA Citizenship law, you can apply for Naturalization after spending a minimum  5 years with a green card or at least a 30-month physical appearance in the USA.
  • You can get USA Citizenship if you worked at least 1 year with in the US army during peacetime and you don’t need a green card for this scenario.
  • You can get US Citizenship if you marry to an American man/woman. You must live 3 years with him or her with a green card.
  • You can get American citizenship If you are a widower of an American citizen and he must die during his service in the army and you must be in the USA at the time of his death.

Fee of Naturalization Process:

Applicant must have to pay 725$ for this process. In 725$ 85$ is for biometric charges left 640$ is for processing cost. While Old People elder than 75 years and Military persons are exempt from this fee.

How Much Time Required for this process:

At least 10 to 15 months are require for the Naturalization process of Citizenship of USA. Keep Connect with Picnic Advisor to get more updates.

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