11 Tips: How To Make Passive Income While Traveling

Do you love to travel the world? And want to know how to manage traveling expenses. You don’t have a huge bank balance or assets, you don’t know how to manage your expenses on road, why are you worried, Here this guide will show you how to make passive income while traveling and you can make your tour luxury.

After the advancement in technology making money online is not a tough task, you can earn millions of dollars online even on road or during traveling. Making money on road helps you to explore more world whenever you want.

Inspiration To Make Money Online:

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How To Make Money As A Travel Influencer

There are many ways to earn money on road I’m sharing some of them with you.

  1. Travel Vlogger:

If you are a full-time traveler and you have a good quality camera, then you can earn with YouTube. Travel vloggers earn millions of dollars online by making travel videos. Before we discuss this further I want to be aware that earning money using YouTube is not an easy task.

You need to make appealing videos, good editing skills. When your videos are more appealing and engaging, viewers will love to see you. In this way, you can increase your subscribers.

Youtube has announced the criteria to monetize your videos. Youtube monetization required 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

Sponsor Videos:

Another way to earn money from YouTube is through sponsored videos, In this video, you have to market a product as an influencer. Sponsored video is financed by a third party. They will pay you a handsome amount from their marketing budget.


A travel blog is another way to earn money while traveling. If you are a travel lover and you are a good storyteller then blogging is the best choice for you to make passive money while traveling. Now I will tell you how to earn money with a travel blog. You need to create a blog and write about your all travel experiences and adventures. Get Google Adsense and monetize your blog.

  • Google Ads
  • Paid Guest Post
  • Advertising


If you are a good photographer along with a traveler. It will be a plus point for you to earn money. There are many companies looking for a professionaphotographerser for corporate meetings, seminars, destination weddings, etc. You can also sell your photos to high authority stock websites like shutter stock, pixel bay, and others.

You can also sell your photos to magazines and media agencies so that they can use them in their documentaries.

Tourist Guides:

Millions of tourists travel daily around the world, and of course, they are not familiar with each spot. For this, they need a tourist guide. A tourist guide is also one of the ways to earn money on tour. If you are familiar with the spot you can deal with the tourist and guide them about the spot’s history and about all.

A tourist guide is a very awesome way to earn a handsome income while traveling and entertaining yourself or others. It will also increase your knowledge.

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Language Or Skill Tuition:

Our world has many cultures and languages, and millions of people in the world don’t know about English. If you’re fluent in English you can teach tourists the English language. Language is only the way to keep people close. You can bring out the language barrier between locals and tourists. In this way, you can earn money.

If you have good technical skills, like website developer, graphic designer, or others. You can teach others and earn money.


If you are a famous traveler blogger and vlogger, then your subscribers or audience would love to meet you. You can arrange events and meetups for earning or you can visit any event on a sponsorship basis.

Sell Courses:

You can make money by selling your travel course. After exploring the country. You can make a complete guide for your tour. You need to briefly describe the visa process,flights information, hotel booking details, insurance details, and all about the country. After making the complete course you can sell it on different platforms like udemy.

Rent Out House or Car:

Your home or car is not used when you are on tour. Do you think that you can make money from them? How? Let me tell you, if you are on tour, you can rent your house or car to make money.

By Selling Products

You can earn money by running your eCommerce store, Manage your store even if you are on tour.

Seasonal Jobs:

You can earn money by doing seasonal jobs, If you want to stay in the area for more than a month. Do jobs as a rider, visiting teacher, or performer.

Final Words:

I hope after reading this article you’re able to make income while traveling and not be stuck in travel needs. If you’re looking for the best information regarding traveling keep in touch with Picnic Advisor.

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