How To Sleep Better When Traveling

Sleep properly is the most important factor for the human body for proper working. If you have not to take a proper sleep it may ruin your official or vacation tour, So take it seriously. While you are on a business tour or traveling for the sake of fun, It is highly recommended to take it well. We are sharing ideas on how to sleep better when traveling to escape from travel fatigue

If you want to enjoy your journey. Whether you are going to any place in your country or traveling to another country, there are many activities to do, things to see, and food to eat. . You can only explore these if your mind or body is fully relaxed.

Book Your Room Carefully:

  • It is not always mandatory that your room is according to your taste, but you can take measures before booking a room.
  • Always try to book a room on the upper floors, there may be noise outside on the lower floor and disturb you.
  • Do not book a room to avoid noise outside the vending machine, elevator, or hall. But if you are stuck in that situation you can use headphones to avoid outside noises.

Skip Alcohols:

According to research, it is true that alcohol makes you sleepy but this sleep can’t make you relax. You can take a glass of hot milk before going to sleep. Avoid alcohol throughout the tour. If you can do these things you can better sleeping while traveling.

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Sleep Strategically:

Make a strategy of sleep before starting your tour, there is a difference in time zones. Difficult for someone to manage this. It is recommended to sleep 2-3 hours early or late before scheduling your tour. This may help you in adjusting time zones. 

Eat Well:

It is not recommended to eat junk food during your whole tour, Don’t eat such type of food that makes you lazy, or fatigued. Eat light food like sandwiches. Drink water before the flight and after the flight.

Change Your Schedule:

Changing schedules can be stressful for your mind and body, as you go on trips or business trips. Your schedule changes automatically. To make sure these schedules don’t bother you, you need to prepare yourself when planning a trip.


Exercise is an important part of daily routine, but you must have to do exercise at your hotel on tour. Don’t use a taxi if you want to explore nearby places.  If you on a luxurious hotel. Workout on the gym, treadmill.

Rest While Traveling:

It is a golden chance to rest while you booked an overnight flight or road tour, you have to sleep during to journey. Keep earphones to block the noise, and use blankets to block the light so you can sleep well during the journey, That makes you refresh when your journey ends. You can set an alarm before 30 minutes of landing.

Sleeping Apps:

Nowadays there are many apps for other things, So for sleeping, there are also many apps. These apps help you in sleeping, you can use different background voices that escape all the outside noises from you and you can sleep well.

Use Google Maps:

Google maps are the best online tool for navigation. Knowing about your destination is a difficult task when you are out of the country If you don’t know the address that makes you fatigued. To escape from this fatigue you can use google maps that help you to reach your destination. These are the tips for how to sleep better when traveling. Keep connect with Picnic Advisor for more information

Things To Keep While Travelling That Helps You In Sleeping:

  • Travel Pillow
  • Blankets
  • Headphone
  • Earplugs
  • Masks

10-3-2-1-0 Rule For Better Sleep While Travel:

331 sleeping rule is defined by Dr. Jess Andrade, which really helps you to sleep while traveling.

  • 10 hours before sleep don’t take caffeine(caffeine is used in coffee that increases the activity of your nervous system)
  • Don’t take alcohol 3 hours before sleeping
  • Stop all working 2 hours before sleeping
  • Stop using mobile and laptops 1 hour before sleeping

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