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5 Most Beautiful Beaches In Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Pakistan has not only valleys, Mountains, and Beautiful sceneries but also majestic lakes and beaches, Pakistan is rich with four weather, and Pakistani enjoy their vacations in mountains, valleys, and magnificent beaches.  Here you find the best beaches in Pakistan.

Nathia Gali Beach Karachi:

Nathia Gali Beach is one of the best beaches in Pakistan and It is under navel control, Nathia Gali beach is the last point on the coastline of Karachi, You can go there only with families. It is 40 km away from Karachi.  This beach is very clean, You can see rocks on one end and there is a big sea on the other side, You can also see the historical grave of Arabs, They visit this place thousands of years ago. One of the best  Nathia Gali beach activities is Evening BBQ, If you are fearful of it you can also enjoy these activities:

  1. Boating
  2. Camping
  3. Fishing
  4. Nature

Kund Malir Beach:

Kund Malir is one of the most outlandish beaches in Pakistan, It attracts many tourists towards itself not only from Pakistan but also from all over the world. It is located in Balochistan the biggest province of Pakistan according to the area. It is almost 236 km far from Karachi. There is no facility available on the zero point.

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But now due to the tremendous increase in tourism some food points and mobile network companies also started their services there, Kund Malir beach is only of the most beautiful beach in Pakistan with golden sand, You can spend a memorable day there, But now it became quite dirty due to careless of tourists, We as a responsible citizen of this country we need to make our places clean and must throw our wastes in dustbins not on-road or tourism places.

Hawke’s Bay Beach:

Hawke’s Bay Beach is located in Karachi, It is situated 20 km away from the Karachi, it is also the main attraction in beaches of Pakistan, Now you are thinking about the name of the beach, Its name has historical significance, The beach name is after the British politician Bladen Hawke who has a house on this beach during the 1930s.   Hundreds of tourists visit this beach not only from Pakistan But also from a foreign countries. 

Hawke’s Bay Beach is one of the beaches that host rare reptiles, It is also famous for green sea turtles.

If you want to spend your day in the water and want to make your day special then Hawke’s Bay beach is the perfect place, Now we need to talk about the Activities in Hawke’s Bay Beach Karachi.

  • Camel and Horse Riding
  • Fishing

Gadani Beach:

This beach is located in Hub District Balochistan. Gadani Beach is the biggest shipyard in the world. Gadani Beach is a beautiful sandy beach in Balochistan also in Pakistan. It is one of the cleanest beaches in Pakistan. When you see the golden sand and the dark blue water releases your journey fatigue.  If you are from Balochistan then this is the best tourist attraction for you.  Seafood is one of the biggest attractions on this spot. There are small restaurants on this spot and it’s really cheap around 300 PKR. Gadani Beach is the perfect picnic spot for you after the hustle and bustle of life to feel yourself relax.

Activities To Do In Gadani Beach:

  • Boating
  • Camel Ride
  • Bonfire
  • Fishing
  • Camping at night
  • Photography

Tourist Places Near Gadani Beach:

  • French Beach
  • Mubarak Village
  • Hawk’s Bay Beach

Jiwani Beach Balochistan:

Jiwani beach is a commercial port and it the part of Balochistan Province. This beach is the source of livelihood for the Fisher and it is 60km from the Gwadar. This beach is not only the best tourist spot for Balochistan and Sindh People. But this is one of the best beaches in Pakistan.

At the southernmost point of Gwadar Bay is Jiwani. The region surrounding the bay is home to a significant mangrove forest that stretches to Iran over the international border and serves as a vital habitat for a variety of wildlife, particularly the critically endangered Olive Ridley and Green Turtles.

Plans to offer offshore drilling rights and fishing concessions could endanger the local species. A major portion of the population depends on fishing. In Jiwani, there are numerous fish-freezing facilities focused on export.

Activities To Do In Jiwani Beach

  • Diving
  • Enjoy Wildlife
  • Fishing
  • Explore Forest  

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