Saudi Govt Allow 40000 Pilgrims For Umrah In Ramadan

Ramadan is very close now, To perform Umrah In Ramadan is a blessing on Muslims. So keep in mind this thing Saudi Govt allows 40000 pilgrims to perform Umrah in Ramadan 2022.

Saudi Deputy Minister of Hajj and Umrah Dr. Abdulfattah Mashat Said that “Umrah Is open Now” He Further said that there is no limit that how many pilgrims come from outside the Saudi Kingdom for Umrah. This number will be determine according to the capacity of the Grand Mosque.

As the situation of coronavirus is better now in Saudi Arabia. So govt have taken off restrictions on Covid, He further said that we have not set limits that how many Muslims can perform Umrah but the pilgrim. Those who can get Umrah Visa, are welcome to perform Umrah 2022.

He further said that Our Health Ministry is observing the situation of Coronavirus daily. Most People from outside the Kingdom are expect to come after the 20th of Ramadan.

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