Thailand Pursue Chinese Tourists As Beijing Relaxes Travel Restrictions

Thailand is a very famous destination for tourists from all over the world. Now Chinese Tourism Agency is ready to create awareness among Chinese tourists for Thailand Tourism.

After the Asian giant loosened travel restrictions for nine of its southern towns. Thailand’s Tourism Authority (TAT) is working harder to attract Chinese tourists.

TAT Director for East Asia Chuwit said that we are creating awareness among Chinese tourists for Thailand tourism. He said that Chinese businesses and students are allowed to travel abroad.

For creating awareness among tourists TAT offices in China arrange conferences with business sectors, educational institutes, and chambers of commerce.

Due to China’s policy of limiting the number of flights each week. Flight rates from Thailand to China have risen from 2,000 yuan (10,000 baht) to 40,000-60,000 yuan. Allowing Chinese visitors to remain longer in Thailand, according to Chuwit.

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He claimed 36,851 Chinese tourists visited the kingdom from January to May. with more than 70% of them being businessmen who stayed for two months and spent an average of 6,118 baht each day.

“At least 500,000 Chinese tourists will visit Thailand this year if China eases travel restrictions further during the Communist Party National Congress in October,” he predicted, adding that the number of Chinese tourists to the empire will likely increase too during the Chinese New Year next year.

The number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand has risen to 20,000. Every month, that amounted to $300.

 He further said that Our agency is willing to attract senior Chinese tourists, they are 32% of Chinese tourists who visit Thailand.

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