The 11 Best Free Tourist Attractions In Melbourne City

After Sydney, Melbourne is the second most popular and cultural city in Australia. It attracts a large number of international visitors every year. Consequently, it is adored by Melbournians that can reveal the secret things about that city. There are numerous tourist attractions in Melbourne that don’t let people get bored.

It is important to remember that visiting any city requires proper budgeting before departure. You can also enjoy many things without worrying about your budget and investing money in your visit to Melbourne.

Top 11 Visitor Attractions In The Melbourne City By Car

Melbourne city has worldwide popular beaches, markets, parts, Yarra river, and art galleries. In short, you can enjoy these amazing things for free in Melbourne by car. Here are some of the top free tourist attractions in Melbourne city:

1- Aircraft Ride In The RAAF Museum

RAAF Museum has many aircraft, including the latest as well as the first and second world war (WW-II). You also can ride on them and feel like a military pilot, but on Monday, that museum is closed to visitors. It’s an amazing thing to do in Melbourne.

2- National Gallery Of Melbourne

You can learn about the culture of Melbourne at the National Gallery, which is of its own kind and best attractive for art lovers. Its building is itself a piece of art due to its appealing structure and construction. Moreover, it also has captivating cut mirrors with different shapes and colors.

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3.- Reflection Games At the ACMI

The Australian Center for moving image is a fun place, especially for children. It’s a unique attraction of this city that hosts event films, shows, and games throughout the whole year. You can experiment with your own reflection in a creative way that can show your images as a cartoon character.

4- Free Riding In City Circle Tram

City Circle tram ride takes passengers to the most shining places in Melbourne. People visit the Parliament House, Melbourne Aquarium, and the Federation House. With children, their enjoyment is increased more than you think.

5- Full Enjoyment at St Kilda

You can enjoy St Kalida Beach, that’s the best place to hang out for people of all ages, especially for youngsters. You can play games, walk, and chill out here. For sunbathing, swimming, kite-surfing, sailing, and water skiing, that place is the best choice.

6- Postcard View At Yarra River Side

Yarra River is one of the top free-of-cost attractions in Melbourne that’s a peaceful place for visitors. The attractive structure of the city building reflects in the river that made a postcard image sight. Moreover, the night walk beside the river bank is overwhelming for visitors and remains in their minds for a long time. 

7- Explore City Colors On The Canvas Walls

That city has several road walls that appeal to visitors’ eyes and urge them to say wow. You can see captivating and attractive graffiti on the city walls and have a tasty coffee at a café. In addition, these are some places to visit near Melbourne by car that will provide you with the most amazing experience of your life. 

8- Melbourne’s Striking Churches

Melbourne has many attractive churches that deserve a visit. First of all, visit St Paul’s Cathedral, which was designed by William Butterfield, an English architect. You can find this neo-Gothic-style cathedral in the middle of the central business district of Melbourne. On the second and third number, St Mary Star of the Sea Church and St Michael’s Uniting Church are worth touring for a memorable experience.

9- Parks And Gardens Of The City

Melbourne City has many mesmerizing parks that help people relax, especially in the afternoon on the green grass and cool trees. The Royal Botanic Gardens is one of the most popular parks in the city that is close to the CBD. That park has a large area and has several genres of flower trees that are highly relaxing for visitors and help cool their eyes. You can spend all day with nature here in that park. Furthermore, Fitzroy Gardens and Treasury Gardens are also mentionable parks in Melbourne.

10- The History Of The Aborigines

Aboriginal history is interesting enough. You can explore it by going to the Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Centre in Federation Square. It will help you know the past of Melbourne before the British colonization (two centuries back). The Wurundjeri people were the real custodians of the land. Moreover, you can also learn key facts about the captivating Koorie history and the culture. You can see an exhibition of social history here. There are also several other exhibitions by aboriginal artists.

11- Business Markets Of Melbourne City

Melbourne has many markets that are of its own kind in the world. Queen Victoria Market is one of the most popular markets in that city. You can also visit Camberwell Market and the Rose Street Artists Market in Fitzroy to explore more fascinating things in Melbourne. The South Melbourne Market is also a mentionable market of that city that is a perfect spot of coffee cafes. While to enjoy music and shopping, visit the Victoria Market to see the real face of Melbourne.

Abandoned Places In Melbourne For Visitors

There are many abandoned and inhabited areas in Melbourne city. Here are some of the most popular places for your knowledge:

1- Box Hill Brickworks (Factory)

It’s an old-world factory that ran almost for a hundred years and shut down in the 80s. At this time, broken walls, rusted machines, kilns, and furnaces have become the canvas for Melbourne’s graffiti artists. The Australian state has declared it a preservation site.

2- Toorak’s Abandoned House

Toorak is a mansion and empty house that is urban-looking and a half-build structure that takes you to a new and alien world. The unsettling silence made it even more scary and ghostly. However, it’s one of the popular residential areas in Melbourne. In addition, another place is the storm drains of Melbourne, that’s a mixture of past and present.

The Bottom Line

If you want to get a memorable experience by visiting Melbourne city, these abandoned tourist attraction sites are the perfect option for you. These attractions will influence you with the city’s beauty, and you will say wow by going through these remarkable tourist points.

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