Complete Guide: Top Places To Visit In Baku Azerbaijan

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. It is one of the most of biggest cities in the country and as well as the largest city on the Caspian Sea. Baku is the most beautiful city in the country. If you visiting the country and you did not visit Baku you have wasted your tour of the country. So the most famous and attractive places to visit in Baku Azerbaijan are The Heydar Aliyev Center.

It is a cultural center in Baku. Also, it is part of the Soviet Union. The planner of this building is from Iraq the most interesting things about the building are the structure and the formation of the building which look likes curves. which were designed by natural seen which increase the beauty of the center and in the building, there are also many other things like a conference hall museum and a gallery hall which have also best design to view in the city near the Caspian Sea.

Icherisheher, Sheher (Azerbaijan)

The other best  Baku tourist attraction is Icherisheher. It is the old part of the city in which many historical places you can explore. The renovation of the city started in 2008. There are many preservatives of the 12-century defensive wall.

 The earliest memory of the Icherisheher is the Maiden Tower which is the symbol of the city. his tower was construct in the 6th and 7th centuries BC. The other cultural place is Shirvanshahs’ Palace which is located at the top of the city within the palace complex of the Divankhana. Some people think that the tomb of the shah which is the residential building of the Shirvanshahs the remains of the key to the Kuba mosque.

Shah Family Tomb

There are many other historical places in Baku city like the other tombs of the shah’s family and the gate which is built in the 16th century and at the 3rd place you visit in Baku is Atashgah Persian Zoroastrianism Fire Temple. It is a temple in which an ancient religion of Iran. It is one of the oldest religion name Zoroastrianism. The worshiper of this religion worshiped in this temple.

In this temple, the remains of ancient civilizations were found about the 3rd and 4th BCE.  The temple was reconstructed during the Arsacid Empire (250 BCE-226 CE) and expanded during Kurdish people times (226–650 CE). The character of the Sassanid was its domed is like shelter this sanctuary always had a quadrangle ground plan with a pillar in each corner that then supported the dome. Archaeological remains and elaborate evidence from Zend commentaries.

Denizkenari Milli Park Baku

The other interesting place to visit in Baku Azerbaijan is Denizkenari Milli Park. It is the national park of Baku. It has many interesting views along the seafront. The history of this park goes more than 100 years ago. It settled in 1909 in the city. Before the 20th century, it has no trees it but increase the beauty of the park tons of fertile soil settled in the park to make this more beautiful with the greenery of trees. So that it became a Baku tourist place. The seafront and all the greenery in the park also increase the beauty of Baku and the park. So it attracts more tourists towards itself it also has a maximum view of the city.

Yanar Dag Baku

The other top places to visit in Baku Azerbaijan is Yanar Dag. It is a fire that burns naturally from gas from the hillside Absheron Peninsula which gives a very attraction. It is know as the land of fire. The flames of fire go about 3m from a thin, porous sandstone layer.  It does not behave like volcanoes but instead of volcanoes it burns steadily   because it involves the steady seep of gas

Flame Towers Baku Azerbaijan Best Tourist Point

The other tourist place in Baku is the flame tower. It is a group of three skyscrapers. These are three towers that look like a flame. All the towers have the same height which is 182m in length. These towers show the nickname of the country which means the land of fire. The country has one of the largest reservoirs of natural gas this is the reason Azerbaijan is called the land of fire.

Zoroastrian fans considered flames to be a symbol of the divine. These towers is visible from the sea sight which gives an interesting view of the Baku attraction. And increase the tourism of Baku. These towers are not only used for sightseeing these are also used for commercial purposes where are 5 stars hotels world-class markets and many more to view and buy.

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High Land Park

The high land park is one of the most famous Baku tourist attractions. It is located at the highest point of the city. Which gives a splendid view of the city. A number of people come to see and take a bird’s-eye view of the city and to take a break from the daily life routine. It consists at the highest point of the city so it gives a clear view of the main boulevard and other beautiful places in the city

Heydar Aliyev Center

If you want to know about the history of Baku you should have to visit this place of the city which is the Heydar Aliyev center. It was construct by the former president of the country and you would know about his life after visiting this place of Baku. It has not only internal beauty but the external aspect of the building is also very interesting which always attracts you.

Fountain Square

The Baku attraction increased by fountain Square and Nizami Street. This is the place where you feel relaxed and feel an unbeatable vibe. This square is a perfectly vigorous place to visit in Baku. There are endless things to do in this place as shopping for memories and watching the people.

Carpet Museum

One place you shouldn’t miss while wandering Baku Boulevard is the carpet museum. This place is last on the list of best places to visit In Baku Azerbaijan but not least. This is the place where the collection of one of the largest carpets The shape of the building is also unique it looks like a folded carpet.


Yes, Baku is a city that offers every aspect of tourism. Tourists can enjoy sightseeing destinations, historical destinations, City life, and old Baku city.  Picnic Advisor also suggests this tourist destination for religious tourism. Because there are many temples for the Hindu religion.

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