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Do you love Islamic history and want to explore Islamic Architecture? Then Uzbekistan tourism is for you. Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia. It is not a tourist attraction for the tourists of Asia and also a tourist attraction for other continents. Millions of tourists visit Uzbekistan every year. In this guide, you will read about the best places to visit in Uzbekistan.

 The country is famous because of its beautiful mosques, sepulcher, and Silk Route cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva. Uzbekistan ranks 3rd in the production of silk. Its economy also depends upon this production.

Uzbekistan is a Muslim country, this is enriched with Islamic history and culture. If you are fond to know Islamic culture Uzbekistan must be your next destination. From the historical city Samarkand to the developed city Tashkent, Uzbekistan must be in your next destination bucket.

Basic Information:

Uzbekistan’s currency name is Uzbek, Population of Uzbekistan is 34.23 million.  The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent. The language is Uzbek. If you are now convinced to visit Uzbekistan, We have compiled a list of Uzbekistan tour places.

places to visit in uzbekistan

Ark Bukhara:

Bukhara has vivid tourist windows, Art Bukhara is one of them and is located in the City of Bukhara. Ark Citadel is the oldest iconic structure in Uzbekistan. Ark Bukhara has historical values, now it has become the most visitable tourist attraction in Uzbekistan. This fortress was used as a military base in past, Now Ark Citadel The museum is explaining its history very well. The address of Ark Bukhara is QCH6+38V, Afrosiab St, Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

Ark Fortress is occupied from the 5th century to 1920. It was the residence of the rich peoples of Bukhara. As we discuss it’s the historical destination in Bukhara. It’s almost ruined but there are still some places that clearly speak about the past.

There is a 17th-century Friday mosque on the top of the entrance.  After this, there is a old headquarters of the Prime Minister, where ambassadors of different countries are welcome and they can stay there.

History of Ark Bukhara:

Ark Bukhara has the oldest museum, this museum has important significance in Bukhara’s History Because the roof of this museum is fall down during the bombarding in 1920.

Khiva Walled City Tourism

Khiva Walled City:

Khiva is also in the list of Historical Destinations of Uzbekistan. It’s become an open-air museum. Khiva is sometimes called Khorasam. This city has almost 1500 years old significance. If you are in Tashkent and you want to Khiva Walled City. You can reach there by train in 18 hours.

Khiva has divided into 2 parts inner and outer. The inner part is called Itchan Kala and the outer part is called Dicahn Kala. The outer part is protected with 11 gates while the inner part is protected by bricks.

Khiva was famous as the Silk router, This station joins China and Europe. It was believed that traders from both of these ends came there and sell everything and earn their livelihood.

Khiva is the most famous destination of Uzbekistan not for Uzbeks but also for foreigners. It is suggested to spend the night and enjoy the nightlife in Uzbekistan. You will explore the marvelous views of the sunset, and delicious local food. Enjoy gossip with super friendly Khiva Locals.

chorsu bazaar tashkent

Chorsu Bazaar, Tashkent

Chorsu Bazar is one of the oldest market, It is located in the center of Tashkent. Its old name was Chorsu Bazaar. Whenever any tourist plan to visit the country for tourism. The local markets are first on his list. Same If you want to enjoy Uzbekistan Tourism. This market should be first on your market visit list.

 This market is in the circle, It’s under the blue color dome. Chorsu Bazaar market has hundreds of shops including fruits, vegetables, and meat and you can purchase anything from this market.  This market is most is one of the best tourist places in Uzbekistan.

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Chorus Bazar is the center of attraction in Uzbekistan markets. Tourists can do shopping, enjoy local food, and click fabulous culture from the camera. Entry is free in this market.

Kokand City in Uzbeistan

Kokand City in Uzbekistan:

Kokand is situated in eastern Uzbekistan. The population of this city is almost 259,700. Kokand is located at the crossing of the ancient trade route into the region. One road is leading over the mountains of Tashkent while the other leads through Khujand. Kokand city history is enrich with wars. The halcyon days of Kokand City were between 1709-1876 during the rule of Kokand Kanate. Kokand City has more than 300 mosques.

But unfortunately, the Russians finish these glory days and take control of this city. Its geographic states make this region important for Silk Route. You can get to Kokand city by train or Bus from Tashkent.

Weather in Kokand City:

The weather in Kokand city is mostly warm. There is very less rainfall only during the weather of Autumn and spring. If you visit this city in hot weather don’t forget to use Umberalla, caps, and gloves. Try to drink more water to escape from any health issues.

Attractions In Kokand City:

Are you going to experience handmade handicrafts? Wow! that’s cool. Take an empty briefcase with you and when you going to end your tour it should be filled with painted carpets,  ceramics, wood carving pots, and knives. If your briefcase still has some space you must buy rare suzane.

Places to Visit in Kokand City:

As we discuss Kokand City is a historical city, So the main attraction of this city is mosques and Madaras. Given below the best tourist attraction in Kokand City.

  • Palace of Khudayar Khan
  • Jome Mosque
  • Modari Khan Mausoleum
  • Yodgorlik Silk Factors
  • Saeed Ahmad-Hodja Madrasah Norbut-Biya Madrasah
  • Kumtepa Bazaar
  • Khonakhan Mosque
  • Kokand Regional Studies Museum
  • Kamol-Kazi Madrasah
  • Mukimi museum in Kokand
  • Emir Madrasah
  • Damoi Shakhon
  • Crafts Workshops

best places to visiti in samarkand


In the list of Best Places To Visit In Uzbekistan, Samarkand is significant. Samarkand is the city of mosques. It is the old city in Central Asia. Samarkand city is historical. Muslim Scholar Imam Bukhari also stays in this city and preaches Islam on his Madrasa. Beautiful mosques, delicious food, and friendly locals all are the Samarkand.

This city is on the Silk route. Samarkand is discover in 7th BC. From east to west, have a trip of a lifetime throughout a range of breathtaking settings. So while creating memorable emotions and friendships. Now Samarkand is divided into 2 parts called modern and old Samarkand. Modern Samarkand includes buildings and educational institutes. Old Samarkand includes historical museums, mosques, Madrasa, and shops.

The Best Time To visit Uzbekistan is from April to October. Uzbekistan’s currency name is So’m. Now! Uzbek So’m is 0.000092$.

Samarkand Tourist Attraction:

  • Registan
  • Amir Temur Mausoleum Gur-i Amir Сomplex
  • Bibi-Khanym Mosque
  • Observatory of Ulugbek Samarkand
  • Madrasa Tilya Kori
  • Sherdor Madrassah
  • Siab Bazaar
  • Afrasiyab Settlement
  • Rukhobod Mausoleum
  • Hazrat Khizr Mosque
  • Samarkandskiy Vinnyy Zavod Imeni M. A.
  • Bibi-Khanym Mausoleum
  • Aksaray Mausoleum
  • Ishratkhana
  • Chorsu
  • Shah-i-Zinda Ensemble Шоҳи Зинда


These are the best places to visit in Uzbekistan, you should visit during your tour. If you are visiting Uzbekistan for more days. You can enjoy train tours. More Historical destination. Stay connected with Picnic Advisor to get more updates about Uzbekistan tourism.

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