Travel In Germany Only 9$, How To Get Germany Rail Pass?

Big News! Only 9.5$ and unlimited journey in trains or buses for tourists. Now the German Govt has announced the very amazing news for its citizens and tourists. Govt has taken this step to promote Germany Tourism. Govt has announced that any German or tourist can buy a Germany Rail Pass for 9.5$ and can travel unlimitedly in local trains or busses.

Germany is the most powerful member of the European Union. Germany is the 2nd most populous country in Europe. German is the hub of European tourism. Almost 12 million tourists in Germany every year. Germany ranked 20th on the list which welcomes tourists more. Germany is also a very developed and rich country in the world. That provide facilities to its citizens and also provide ease to tourist.

As we know that the price of petroleum is growing throughout the world. But Germany has taken this step to provide to promote tourism or improve summer travel.

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This scheme of Germany Rail Pass is applicable from 1 June. The German Govt provides 2 Arab 60 crore dollar subsidies on this project, and on average almost 30$ Tickets will be sell.

One of the important factors about this is that you can only be in Germany with this ticket, not outside the country, and this scheme will continue from June 2022 to August 2022.

Note: If you buy a ticket on 15 June you can only use it for 15 days. for the next month you have to buy a new ticket or renew it. If you want to get more interesting news or information, Keep connected with Picnic Advisor.

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