Why Is Paris Called The City Of Love? 10 Hidden Facts

Paris is the city of love, even for the birds. If you want to see love then you must visit Paris. Paris has veto over all romantic destinations. If you are suspicious that Is Paris The City of Love and Romance.  You will find here Paris Romantic Destinations.

Paris is the capital of France and it is the most beautiful capital city of World.  Mostly newly married couple fancy to romance in Paris because it is perfect honeymoon destination.

Love is in the air of Paris. Everyone can smell it feel it and enjoy with it. According to estimate almost 30 million tourists visit Paris. This massive crowd make Paris 6th most visited city in the world. Many romantic songs, movies shoot here that’s make Paris significance in the World of Romance.

Why Is Paris Called The City Of Love And Romance?

Paris is the most beautiful country the world. It is famous because of Eiffel Tower. Eiffel Tower is called the symbol of love. Paris is also famous for Louvre Museum. Now after the crispy introduction, No more wait!

I love you wall in Paris

I Love You Wall (Le mur des je t’aime):

I love you wall is the main attraction of Paris Tourism. It is 40 square meter and located in Jehan Rictus garden square Montmartre Mountain. It is the height mountain in the city. You can capture impressive view of city in your eyes or camera.  I love you is the most loving and pleasant sentence.

Your spouse really want to listen this to you. If you want to write “I love you” on this wall you can write for your partner. I love you wall is love theme. I love you is written on this love wall in 311 language that makes it special. This wall is designed by the French Artist Frédéric Baron / Claire

This wall is open from Monday to Friday. Opening time of this wall is 8 am and the closing time varies due to season.

Eiffel Tower:

Eiffel Tower Tourism
Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is symbol of love romance. It is landmark of Paris. Peak of Love is at Eiffel Tower. Splendid view of this beautiful landmark will put romantic enchantment. Eiffel Tower is the place where many couples propose. Almost 3 marriage proposal made in each 3 hours. This is reason why Eiffel Tower is symbol of love. Pleasant weather, beautiful lights, top of Eiffel tower where you can see the amazing view of city. These all elements make the atmosphere more romantic. This iconic landmark was built in 1989.

Romantic Hotels In Paris:

Hotels In Paris

Millions of Romantic Hotels for spending a lovely beautiful night with your lover are also in part of Paris. It is very difficult to figure out the best romantic hotels in Paris. Every hotel provide you fully perks. Maldives is the one of the best honeymoon destination in Asia and Paris is also the best destination for honeymoon tour In Europe. If you stayed in Paris, I would like to suggest you to book hotel room in the Eiffel Tower Hotel. Sleep with your partner in the Illuminated Lights, Romantic Weather, and Warm hug. Wake up in the pleasant weather and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city from the skyscraper.

Beautiful Lights City:

paris lights at night

Paris is the city of lights, every night after the sunset almost 20000 lights twinkled at Eiffel Tower make the landscape more romantic. It’s not about Eiffel Tower. All the city at night became the shimmer. Evening walk along the river, ride in boats with your beloved partner will realize what is love? It is a romantic evening and you enjoy majestic dinner with your lover on the boat.

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Paris City Of Love And Lovely Peoples:

Paris nationals is known as the most loving peoples in Europe. They are very loving and super friendly. If you want that national welcome you warmly. Then you should apply for visa today and take flight for Paris. It seems that locals continually want to interact with you during your Paris Tour. That’s the main reason that Around 2 Million Tourists Visit Paris every year. The locals warmly welcome him and even their country receives hundreds of tourists daily.

Special Weddings In Paris:

Destination Wedding In Paris

Wedding event is very special for any of the couple. Everyone wants to make this event unforgettable. Couple Spends Millions of Dollars just to make this day very special day for both of them. If you are thinking about destination wedding. Paris should be first on your list. You can get married in any place of the world, but you will never have the romance of Paris, Untold couples visit Paris and start their married lives.

Sexiest French Language:

It is the most loving language in the world. French is the national language of Paris that is one of the reason that Paris is the city of love. This language is very pleasant to ear.

The Bridge Of Arts:

Lock Bridge Paris

It is the destination of lovers, The Bridge of Arts is the bridge of Romance. Many couples start their relationship and make promises to live together till eternity. This bridge has an iconic architect and it is over the sexist river of Paris.  In the last years before 2014 Lover write their name on this bridge and hang the lock as a token of love. The through the key into the river. But Due to the weight of these locks, the bridge was crumbling. Then Govt restrict this and couples to spend time on this bridge and capture lovely selfies.

Louvre Museum:

The Louvre Museum

The Louvre is the museum in the Paris and it is the biggest Museum in the world. This museum is the Hub of Arts and Handicraft in the world. It the most famous destination for tourist. If tourist is even not interested in arts. This museum is on the top of visiting list of tourist. The most famous painting in the museum is Mona Liza. The ticket price is 1$. Almost 10 million tourist visit this museum. This is one of the romantic destination in Paris. You can walk in the large galleries, corridoes with your lover with hand in hand. If you are still confused why is Paris the city of Love let me explain more.

French Dinner:

Paris Dinner Cruise

Now I am pretty sure that your question why is Paris called the city of love? Vanished and you are convince that Paris is for Love. In the last, I want to talk about the romantic French Dinner. As it is old saying that short way to person heart is through the stomach. This is quite correct. Furthermore, dinner is best way to spend time with you partner. Or if you are in Paris you have hundreds of choices for the Dinner. There are hundreds of Romantic Restaurants in Paris. As we say above Paris Air or Atmosphere is enrich with Romance. You can feel this when you enjoy dinner with you lover in open air or rooftop type restaurants.


Paris has countless romantic destinations and reason to prove that Paris is the city of love. So I mention some of them in the article if you still want to know more about Paris Tourism. Keep Connect with Picnic Advisor and get the latest updates.

Reasons Why Paris Is City Love

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